In his book Homo Ludens, Johan Huizinga coined the phrase “the magic circle” as a space in which the outside world is temporarily suspended in favor of the game world or world of play. There is a certain absurdity to acts of play that I believe must be cherished and embraced, otherwise the illusion of the magic circle will begin to deteriorate. I have begun to investigate the ways in which interaction with systems and other people can break down the magic circle. I am interested in how far we can push the boundaries of the circle before a playful experience is ruined and becomes a serious experience. The escapism of play can be a useful tool in the creation of dynamic media experiences, especially when the boundaries of the magic circle are pushed to their limits. By pushing these limits of play and finding the points at which play ceases and seriousness begins, I hope to create a richer experience of play that leaves the player with a new and insightful outlook on the state of the world outside of the magic circle.
You can view the full book here.
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